Thursday, January 19, 2012


The above picture is of my girl Denise and my Army girl after a 10k (6 miles) Circa June 2010.

So I went on a run at lunch time.... yes, lunchtime...
Oh where oh where did my runs go? My early morning (6:30 AM) at least 3 miles a day run? Usually four times a week... Where???

We have lived in our new state for exactly 5 months now....
My runs have been hit and miss since about 2 weeks before the move. One big part, well, she is really not big, but one of the reasons it has been harder for me to run is because I left my running partner back home in the FLAT desert! Which, brings me to another reason running has been harder... HILLS!!!! Lots of hills! Okay, I call them mountains! It is not easy running up mountains... Oh, how I long for those long flat runs of the desert and the small New Yorker yelling at me to keep going!!!

I got a text from the New Yorker today... seems she is having the same discipline problem and has asked me to hold her accountable? ME? Uhh humm.... sure I tell her! I'll call you
at lunch
in the morning!

So with that... I WANT to have a new resolve....
I want to get out and run!
Four times a week!
At least 3 miles...
Up hills...not really, but that is the only choice I have.  Other than the dreadmill....



  1. I MISS YOU TOOO!!!!!! Come back to me my friend...
    I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Good for you! I had a great run at our old house, but at this one it's uphill to get back to my house any way I come!

  3. Uphill??? Oh my! That would be very tough. As for the treadmill...I hate it too. I think I'd rather run uphill. HA!

  4. Oh, I so wished I liked to run...or even that I had an accountability partner like you. I only do it because I have to...and have found lots of excuses, haven't been at all in a week and a half. I promised myself I would start back Monday...I'm gonna think of you and try to make myself do it! :) Happy running!

  5. Awe! Sad to leave a partner behind. I don't mind the treadmill, but I was my iPad and watch something on Netflix or Hulu. :)

    Hills ick.

  6. Visiting from Company Girls. My running has been dowwwwwwn lately too. Let's get back at it! I'm on a short vacay right now, but when I get back dreadmill and I have a date! (too cold and snowy outside)

  7. Goodness, lots of my friends, and lots of blogs I've been reading have all been about running. I've been wanting some inspiration to get back at it again, and well here it is! There are lots of hills in my area too, we just need to tackle them together. :D