Sunday, July 26, 2015


Happy Sunday!

We are in Haiti as you read this but I pre posted before I left.
Last week, I did a bit of gardening and thought I would take a few pics...


Friday, July 24, 2015


Good Morning!

I am trying to do the last minute stuff before we head out the door to Haiti!
We are all packed and ready to go...

Just wanted to update my blog a bit before we head out.

These are some of the things we will be taking to the orphanage.

We will be doing a VBS next week.

Thanks for praying...


Thursday, July 23, 2015


In my last post I eluded that we have been busy around the house with projects.
Well, the big thing we have done this summer is change our bed to a king size bed.  Too funny because I sure could of used a king size bed when my kiddos were babies.  I loved it when they would crawl up in bed with me.

We bought an antique door at an antique store and my hubby cleaned it up and added some embellishes to it.
I think he did a great job and I love how it turned out.  Ignore the messy pillows.  I just wanted to get a quick picture of the headboard.  Honestly, my hubs is probably the hardest working man I know.  Not only that, very talented.  : )

The last picture is of an antique window that we also picked up.  I added the wreath to the center and voila.


1 day to Haiti..... : )

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Trying to play catch up....
It is kind of fun looking at my summer through the lens...

My hubby travels a lot for his job.  One of the destinations he travels to is Seattle.  So, when I can, I fly with him.  
A couple of weeks ago we went and these are some of the pics I took while on my run.  It was so clear and sunny most of the days that we were there.  I personally don't mind the rain because I have lived without it for so many years.  First, in the desert and now our state is in a drought. : (
But, it did not rain that week.  : (
Because of the lack of rain, you could see Mt Rainer up close and personal... It is a little daunting, how enormous it is.
The last picture was of a little thrown together project I did for my girlie.  She went to Montana for a week with her friend.  I missed her terribly so I made this little welcome home sign.


Two more days until we fly out of here and to Haiti.
Prayers please : )

oh, and funny story about the fountain with the boy... I have ran/walked by that statue plenty of times but I never noticed that it has two sides.. one side is the boy and then the water covers him and the other side is a full grown man... 
While running, I heard a tour guide tell his group that so I stopped and watched for a few mins...
too funny : )

I even had a picture but never paid attention.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I am so behind....
Every time I think of quitting I just think "but this is something I love to do"...

so then I put it off because I am usually running girlie around town for her adventures.

I have so many pictures that I have taken but I have not even downloaded them to my computer yet.
These are pics from the mountains taken a few weeks ago.

It was a lovely time...

I have been working on some stuff around the house, selling some home school curriculum, and organizing but this last week, we have been preparing for Haiti...

We leave Friday. 
I can't wait...

There will be pics from there soon after I return.

Prayers needed...


Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I am so behind…

Days are busy and really different…

We went to our cabin in Southern Utah for Independence Day week…
It is so hard to plan family vacations now that the kids are getting so big and almost all of them are grown.  

We only have the one left at home…and it is so weird…

My two had to leave the mountain and head home because of their busy schedules so my man and I are finsihing the week at the cabin ALONE!!! We have never been to our family cabin without a bunch of kids in tow.  
I am just taking it all in… and enjoying the moments…

I think I am about 20 pics behind so I added a bunch today.  We had such a great time playing around on the mountain.  Lots of rain and mud which is always a welcome sight to us. 

counting my blessings…

1033. Rain..
1034. Muddy tires..
1035. Grandbabies all weekend!
1036. New grand baby due in November!
1037. Planes, trains and automobiles that brought us all together…
1038. Beautiful grand baby girl…
1039. Great fireworks…
1040. Beautiful green scenery…