Saturday, September 29, 2012


My girlie girls pic...
I am getting a little jealous!


Friday, September 28, 2012


We got my camera out today and played around a little outside before dinner.  I had to zip off to a meeting with our homeschool group to talk about GRADUATION!  I really am a little stunned at how fast the time flew by and that my boy will be graduating.  We are looking at some schools for the fall and we are still doing College Plus.  Crazy how fast life goes.... I remember praying and praying for the Lord to answer my prayer and let me be a mommy. And now, just like that, I am almost done.  Well, you never are really done but you know what I mean : )

The first picture is how my girl memorizes her verses for Awana.  She came up with the idea by herself.  She takes the sticky notes off as she gets that part of the verse.  I love it!

The second one is of a tree in the backyard.  Can you see the face?  How about the face in the third one?  Ha Ha!

 And the last one is of my girl getting on the float and trying to make me cringe thinking she was gonna fall in with all her clothes on.  And really, so what if she did get all wet.  That is probably one thing I would change about my parenting over the years is to not sweat the small stuff.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

366-265-268 Beach Bike Ride!

Our family went on a 12 mile bike ride along the coast a couple of weeks ago.  We ended our bike ride at a nice little outdoor cafe and had lunch.

It was a nice family outing and we are looking forward to doing this again and again!


btw, my hubby was there... just did not get a picture : (

Friday, September 21, 2012

366-263 & 264

Baby Love...My Baby Love...

Oh, I am feeling so homesick these last few weeks... this could be why??? LOOK at them!  Honestly, they are so stinking cute!  I miss my grandbabies sooooo much it hurts!

They came out to see me and they brought their mommy and daddy too for our birthdays.  My daughter in love, my girlie girl and my birthday are all about 1 week apart.  We usually celebrate it together so they came out.  It was so nice to see and love on them!


Monday, September 17, 2012


So trying to stay on top of my photos.... not working out like I plan.

The days are zooming by... We started school 3 weeks ago and I am trying to be diligent with our studies.  It is so easy to get behind and I hate that feeling.  Along with school, things like PE and Co-ops started.  My boy is doing a science co-op and both are doing writing co-ops.  Plus, this and that...our days end up so filled.

But, ALAS, I am BLESSED!!!!

The first four shots are of the kids at the beach for a "Teen Party" for the home school group we are apart of.  I only included our kiddos because I don't like to put pics of other kids unless I get permission.

The last two my girlie girl took.  Her sweet cat Skittles and a tree in our back yard.

Have a blessed day...

Friday, September 14, 2012


These pictures are a coupe of weeks old.  I forgot to post them.  They are from a couple of days before our cruise left out of New Orleans.  We met our sweet friends down there and went to dinner and then we had to have some Beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Yum!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


These are the last of our cruise photos.  This was our last stop at Cozmel, Mexico. It was probably our favorite.  We got off the ship and hailed a cab.  Yes, we were getting brave by then.  Ask the cab driver to take us to a cozy beach and this is what we got.  We played around in the water, ate some yummy mexican food and just relaxed.


Sunday, September 2, 2012


I wanted to add these last pictures from the Cayman Islands.  We went to a turtle farm and we were able to play with the turtles.  So when we picked them up they flapped all over the place.  I was a little nervous.  It always seems to be the case....

Anyone for turtle soup?


Saturday, September 1, 2012

366-241-244 Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Islands....

This was our second stop on the cruise.  What a contrast to Jamaica in many ways.  The British own this island and it is well kept.  Property is expensive and wealth is everywhere.  Jamaica on the other hand is a very poor country and poverty is high.  Although, I did not run into anyone singing about my Jesus on this island.  I wonder if it was a fluke or a statement of how our hearts can grow cold when all our needs are met.  It seems that we "seek" Jesus when we need Him and when we are doing "good" so to speak, we ignore Him.  Ugh! I don't want my heart to ever grow cold.

And by the way, IGUANAS roam freely throughout this island! Ahhh!


Disclaimer.... I am not insinuating that there are no believers on that island and that if you are wealthy you can't know Jesus.  To be honest, we as Americans, are RICH, compared to most of the world.