Monday, September 17, 2012


So trying to stay on top of my photos.... not working out like I plan.

The days are zooming by... We started school 3 weeks ago and I am trying to be diligent with our studies.  It is so easy to get behind and I hate that feeling.  Along with school, things like PE and Co-ops started.  My boy is doing a science co-op and both are doing writing co-ops.  Plus, this and that...our days end up so filled.

But, ALAS, I am BLESSED!!!!

The first four shots are of the kids at the beach for a "Teen Party" for the home school group we are apart of.  I only included our kiddos because I don't like to put pics of other kids unless I get permission.

The last two my girlie girl took.  Her sweet cat Skittles and a tree in our back yard.

Have a blessed day...


  1. Hehe! You don't want to know how behind I am in my photos. I panic just thinking about it. Your photos as always are beautiful -- and so are your Girlie Girl's! I have a thing about not posting other people's children too!


  2. Tell Girlie that I love the kitty picture! Looks like it should be on a can of Purina. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have homes cool parties at the beach!

  3. Love the fun beach shots and of course the kitty!

    So you are going to 2 DIFFERENT co-ops!?

  4. Love the shots - I have a kitty that looks JUST LIKE THAT!

  5. I completely understand staying on top of school. That is where I have been lately too. It seems so busy this year to me. What a fun time at the beach.

  6. Your girlie girl did a great job. A very sweet kitty shot!