Saturday, September 1, 2012

366-241-244 Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Islands....

This was our second stop on the cruise.  What a contrast to Jamaica in many ways.  The British own this island and it is well kept.  Property is expensive and wealth is everywhere.  Jamaica on the other hand is a very poor country and poverty is high.  Although, I did not run into anyone singing about my Jesus on this island.  I wonder if it was a fluke or a statement of how our hearts can grow cold when all our needs are met.  It seems that we "seek" Jesus when we need Him and when we are doing "good" so to speak, we ignore Him.  Ugh! I don't want my heart to ever grow cold.

And by the way, IGUANAS roam freely throughout this island! Ahhh!


Disclaimer.... I am not insinuating that there are no believers on that island and that if you are wealthy you can't know Jesus.  To be honest, we as Americans, are RICH, compared to most of the world.


  1. Love your shots! Agree with your statement on seeking Jesus when we are in need...

  2. I would have had a rough time leaving that island. Beautiful! I do agree with your sentiments. I know I run to Jesus a whole lot more when problems arise. Sad.

  3. So pretty. I must agree that those I see that have less, look up to Jesus more. Maybe because they are not 'bogged' down by wordly possessions that can cause worry and stress. And believe whole-heartedly in God's promise that He provides all that we need.