Friday, September 28, 2012


We got my camera out today and played around a little outside before dinner.  I had to zip off to a meeting with our homeschool group to talk about GRADUATION!  I really am a little stunned at how fast the time flew by and that my boy will be graduating.  We are looking at some schools for the fall and we are still doing College Plus.  Crazy how fast life goes.... I remember praying and praying for the Lord to answer my prayer and let me be a mommy. And now, just like that, I am almost done.  Well, you never are really done but you know what I mean : )

The first picture is how my girl memorizes her verses for Awana.  She came up with the idea by herself.  She takes the sticky notes off as she gets that part of the verse.  I love it!

The second one is of a tree in the backyard.  Can you see the face?  How about the face in the third one?  Ha Ha!

 And the last one is of my girl getting on the float and trying to make me cringe thinking she was gonna fall in with all her clothes on.  And really, so what if she did get all wet.  That is probably one thing I would change about my parenting over the years is to not sweat the small stuff.



  1. That girl is clever and funny- so glad I know her personally!! Great pics.

  2. LOL! Stressed me out to just seeing it. But yeah, so what it would have been a funny picture/memory and she can change clothes.

  3. Great way to memorize her Awana verses!

    What is College Plus?

  4. Great pics! I love the idea about the sticky notes! I'm going to suggest it to my kids to help them memorize their verses for Awanas also! :) They started Awanas up again last week and were super excited to get going again.

    My big change as a mom has been accepting messy projects. I never used to let the kids paint, glue, or do other messy things because I'm such a neat freak. Now I just accept messes as a part of life and creativity!