Friday, December 30, 2016

A Year of Blogging... Barely : )

My Year in Review... 

In January, we started the year at our cabin... 
Love it up there and love this picture of my girlie....

In February, we celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary and spent it in Seattle.

In March, we visited our kids in Kansas City, Kansas....

In April,  we hosted a tea to support Haiti orphans...
In May, my girlie finished her junior year of high school and we visited our friends in the south...
In June, we tried to stay home for a minute... the dog loved some pool time...

In July, we visited the cabin again and celebrated the 4th with some of our grands....

In August we came home from Haiti... oh I miss those kids and hope to be able to go again next summer.

and my girlie turned 17!
In September, I turned 50 and I went to New York with some of my best friends! It was a great trip! And my husband gave me a surprise birthday party with all my friends. So fun!

In October, we celebrated one of our grandson's birthday and took my brother out to dress up!
I have the greatest friends ever!
Really, I do!
In November we went home again and celebrated with the family.
No pics yet. Still on my camera.
: )

And in December my hubs had surgery on his shoulder (rotator cuff) and we celebrated at home.
No New Years at the cabin this year. : (

It has been a good year, with growth in many different areas.  I have had two surgeries. The first one was not so major but the second one was. It has been a slow healing process and I am wondering if I will ever get back to what I used to be. 
My running is way down so with the new year, that will be one of my new or start again commitments.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Am Still Here!

Somebody tell me what to do with my blog....

I haven't had a camera in awhile.  I took mine into a shop in July, they had it for over a month and then I finally got it back and it lasted 3 weeks : (

I have been using my daughter Nikon.  I am not used to it so I find myself using my iPhone camera way more than I should.  
I am getting out of the habit of using my camera.
I feel like I need to start over.

My husband mentioned getting me a new camera so I thought we should get the same kind I had (sony Alpha series) but I am gun shy to purchase another one since this one lasted about 5 years.

There's my story...

In the last month we visited home only 3 times. Ha!
My husband had shoulder surgery last week so we are on the down low.  I put it this way... we are grounded.  : )


I will be doing my favorites of the year and some Christmas pics.

Anyone doing another 365? or a P52?
or something?