Saturday, February 27, 2010


365 Photos from New York!

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Wow! It has been a crazy, fast month! I know February is a short one anyway, but it seemed to go by at warped speed. This month my husband and I celebrated out Twentieth Wedding Anniversary. I am very blessed to be married to a godly, loving, hardworking man. We have spent twenty wonderful years together, and at times, not always easy but ALWAYS worth it. We have shared many smiles, kisses, tears and joys throughout those years. I am blessed to have him as my covenant partner for life. I look forward to many more wonderful years together. God is good!!!

Anyway, it has been my dream for some time to see The Big Apple. So, for our anniversary my husband took me to New York. No, it was not a lay in the hammock all day vacation, but it was awesome! The two of us headed out, alone (yes, I said ALONE). It has been a long time since we took some time alone together and boy was it worth it. Sometimes, our lives can get so busy that we actually are like two ships passing in the night. Many times during the week, I would look at him and think "oh, I like him!" I really do like him. We just forget...we get so caught in our crazy schedules that we forget to remember or to give each other some time together. So, for the week, we had adult conversation, stayed out late, laughed with each other, and kissed like newlyweds. What a great time! I was sad to see it come to an end, way to fast! We did, however, decide that we need to not wait so long to get some alone time together.