Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Getty Villa in February

 Happy February People!

Over the weekend our friends from our hometown came to visit last minute and unexpected.
We decided to take them to the Getty Villa in Malibu.
Such a pretty day.
We have had so much rain for our drought ridden state but this day was very clear and back to the southern California that we are used to.
But- let me just make it clear, I love the rain! 

More importantly, my friends came to visit!
My friend Lisa has been a constant in my life since I got saved over 27 years ago.
We had similar lives but she was a little ahead of me.
We got married in the same church before we even knew each other.
We had trouble getting pregnant.
We married men that were the same age distance.
We ended up with 2 kids each. Not counting my kids that I inherited when I got married : )
Both of our mommas got sick the same year and had the same disease (I hate that part).
They also graduated to heaven within a month and half of each other.
She(my friend) has been by my side for every high and low of my adult life.
I can't say enough about her.
AND most importantly SHE LOVES JESUS!
Oh and I like her hubs too! He is hilarious in a quiet kind of way.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

September In NYC

As you all know I have had camera problems this past year and my camera has been in and out of the shop. UGH!
Recently, I picked up my camera from the shop (again) and found these gems on the camera. Yay! So fun!
I played around in Lightroom, which takes me awhile to figure out and posted some of my favorite shots from our trip to NYC with my besties.
I love that city.
So fun...
But I love my besties even more!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

End of January

We spent the last few days of January in our home town visiting our family.
Our army girl has been out of country for awhile and had some R&R time so we all met up in our hometown.
We celebrated the twins birthday and we visited with the grands.
So love the time with them. (Army girl and our fireguy are twins).

The first picture is of me outside looking in....
I LOVE a house full of family. 
The second is one of my grand baby girl and the last is our army girl playing with our grand baby boy. The latest addition : )
Since moving out of state almost 6 years ago it has been a very difficult adjustment for me.
My girlie has adjusted the most and loves every minute of sunny California.
Me, on the other hand, often wonder if we made the right move : (
I miss my family and my friends terribly.
The good news is we didn't move that far away and we can visit often. If you haven't noticed- we are on the go a lot.