Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Trying to play catch up....
It is kind of fun looking at my summer through the lens...

My hubby travels a lot for his job.  One of the destinations he travels to is Seattle.  So, when I can, I fly with him.  
A couple of weeks ago we went and these are some of the pics I took while on my run.  It was so clear and sunny most of the days that we were there.  I personally don't mind the rain because I have lived without it for so many years.  First, in the desert and now our state is in a drought. : (
But, it did not rain that week.  : (
Because of the lack of rain, you could see Mt Rainer up close and personal... It is a little daunting, how enormous it is.
The last picture was of a little thrown together project I did for my girlie.  She went to Montana for a week with her friend.  I missed her terribly so I made this little welcome home sign.


Two more days until we fly out of here and to Haiti.
Prayers please : )

oh, and funny story about the fountain with the boy... I have ran/walked by that statue plenty of times but I never noticed that it has two sides.. one side is the boy and then the water covers him and the other side is a full grown man... 
While running, I heard a tour guide tell his group that so I stopped and watched for a few mins...
too funny : )

I even had a picture but never paid attention.....


  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous summer! And love that poster you did for your girlie girl!

  2. The fountain is way cool! I'm sure there's a very interesting story behind it too. Praying safe travels for you, and looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

  3. I get to go to Seattle next year. Can't wait!