Monday, January 23, 2012

366-23 Plus 1000 Gifts!

This is my girlie girls picture.  She is having fun with my old camera.  I passed it down to her when I got my new one.  She loves it!

256. Quiet weekend...

257. Prayer....

258. My boy on his bike.... did a 20 mile ride yesterday!

259. With his new friend! Praise Jesus!

260. My girlie girl always doing something creative! Thankful!

261. Fun week coming up with our friends :)

262. New Friends...

263. Old Friends...

264. Rainy day today... loving it : )

265. Can't wait to see Chris and her girls.....

Please pray for my girl Denise's foster baby girl.  She found out yesterday that she has to have a heart transplant.  You can check her information out on her blog.The New Yorker That Loves Jesus



  1. Your "girlie girl" has an eye for photgraphy! :-)

  2. Love you Friend....Here is a better link for the updates on Trinity

  3. I really need to read up on this 1000 gifts thing. I see it often on people's blogs. Tell your girlie that she is doing great with that camera.