Thursday, August 25, 2011


We were blessed to go and see a special viewing of "Dolphin Tale."  Sally Clarkson offered an opportunity to attend the movie for a preview.  I sent in a request to see the movie and our family was able to join in.  It was a great family film and I would recommend it.  There are not too many opportunities to be able to see a movie that the entire family can sit and enjoy. This was one of them.

After, we took a little side trip to check out Grauman's Chinese Theater.  It was packed with people.  We were barely able to see anything.  After managing to squeeze in, we were able to check out some feet and hand prints.  After, we looked for some stars on the "Walk of Fame." I used my daughter's point and shoot to get these.  Not the best, but I did not want to bring my big camera. I edited them to look like they are from the 60's.  Funny, the picture of my daughter, looks likes me when I was here age.  I am sure I have the same one of me standing out in front of that statue.  Of course, it would be from the 70's not the 60's. Just saying.... : )

It is a interesting group down there and that is all I have to say about that. 



  1. Very cool! Love Dick Van Dyke!

  2. I like the 60's look on the pics...Great photos looks like fun...Wish I was there ;)

  3. Nice edits! And beautiful daughter. I love her smile.