Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have been busy unpacking here and have not had time for much else.  As I unpacked some stuff I found my old home school planner from when my boy was in 1st and 2nd grade. He is now in 11th. It was sweet to look at but really do I need it?  Probably not. I am a sappy sentimental kind of girl.  Especially, when it comes to my babies.  They were not easy to come by and I feel like I want to treasure every event of their lives.  But honestly!!! I ended up throwing them away...tear.... but I will be ok.  I now have a picture.  I know... sick... huh!

The top picture is of a radio my boy made in Electronics Co-op in 9th grade.  He said I could get rid of it so I will....

The last two are pictures of my sun catcher hanging in my bathroom....

Have a blessed day...


  1. Sappy nothing...I'm the same way! I'll probably be doing the same thing when mine are in high school. That is a beautiful sun catcher.

  2. HHmmmm.....curious as to you MOVING the items and THEN purging them. LOL! Love the sun catcher.

  3. Nice! I love the suncatcher. Do you still have the radio?

  4. Well, I actually did purge ALOT and still found more! I have lived in my house for 11 years and actually have so much stuff!

  5. Oh, I understand about keeping things! I have three large plastic boxes, each stuffed with each child's drawings etc from elementary school. And each has a binder with report cards. I did stop when they reached high school. I really like the angle of the sun catcher shot!

  6. Great pictures my friend...I know you've been busy, BUT you need to fill me in other than on your blog...I'm feeling a little jealous of the OTHER things that keep you from me...Anyway, I am proud of you that you got rid of something sentimental...You know darn well if it was up to me that would have been gone years ago, since I don't have a sentimental bone in my body according to some..Ha! Love & still miss you!!