Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh, boy!  We are in Kansas City and it is HOT!!!! I am not used to humidity!  Ugh! Is all I have to say...
We are here to see one of our girls get married.  She is getting married tomorrow.... It is a beautiful and green which is why there is so much humidity.  With humidity you get green.  I am sure you must get used to it if you live here... but I am not used to it and I am not moving here! : )

 Some how we managed to stop the move for a couple of days and fly out to see our daughter get married.  We have one more week in our home and we will be officially moved into our new house and new life.  

Have a blessed day...


  1. I hope everything goes wonderful tomorrow!!!! Congrats! BEAUTIFUL photos! :)

  2. Awesome pics friend...You all look beautiful...Excited for your girl...

  3. Just stopping in to catch up with you. :) A daughter getting married? Wow! Congrats to the bride!

    When's the big moving day? We're slowly settling in to our new life here. Kids start school on the 23rd of this month.

    Can't wait to see photos of the wedding. Don't melt away in all that humidity! :)


  4. Such beauty! Landscape & you and your daughter! Indeed looking forward to some wedding lovliness too!

  5. YEAH! How fun. Welcome to the humidity! We are used to it, but doesn't mean we like it.

  6. Beautiful pictures! You can just see the excitement in them. Congrats to the bride.

  7. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! Much green means lots of oxygen, that's one good thing about humidity (and keeps your face naturally moisturized)! Hope you post a few wedding pictures!