Friday, December 12, 2014


We have had a fast few weeks….

My parents came down for Thanksgiving…

It was so nice to have them close.  I love living here but I truly miss being close to my family.
My daddy is getting old…  and I hate not being close.
I try to get out there as much as I can and it is a quick flight but it is not the same.

The first two pics are from our beach trip the day after Thanksgiving.
The next three are from our antique shopping day and the last four are from the park by our house and our backyard.
We have had some rainy weather.  It has been a treat for us since California has been in a drought.

On to my blessings..
I am still counting…

931. Time with my daddy…
932. Whirlwind week…
933. School changes coming up…
934. Christmas cards done…
935. And mailed out…
936. Five Christmas parties last weekend!
937. Wow!
938. Teen activities..
939. Not one present purchased and I am not worried…
940. Finishing Genesis and continuing with Psalms…



  1. I LOVE the one with the trees that looks a little foggy. That's wonderful that you got to see your folks. I have been missing mine so much. They can't come to me and I can't leave the kiddos to go to them.
    What school changes?????

  2. Love antique stores! The Foggy Tree pic is great.

  3. These are gorgeous shots. I do love the b/w train tracks. Perfect angle! I think I shall follow suit and do the 1000 gifts next year! I love reading yours.

  4. The foggy tree pic is AMAZING! I love antique stores too!