Sunday, November 30, 2014


The day after Thanksgiving and we are here…
So beautiful!  
We have had some unseasonably warm weather so we headed to the beach and then to the antique stores in the beach town.  It was black Friday but we fought NO crowds. It was so fun and we found some fun stuff.

My parents came to my house for the week.  They have only visited once in the three years since we moved.  It is really hard for them to travel because of their handicaps, illnesses and age. When we came back from the mountains we picked them up and drove with them to our house.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am so blessed. 

My Thanksgiving pics are still on my camera.  These were taken with my girlie girls.

Still counting my blessings….

921. Beautiful Thanksgiving…
922. Family in town..
923. Fun time at the antique shops..
924. Beach time…
925. Feet in the sand…
926. Seeing the dolphins in the ocean..
927. Time with my step mom..
928. A week off for my husband….
929. Tree up and decorated…
930.  House all ready for the Christmas Season…



  1. Fun and love the pics of you two!

  2. You two look so happy, and relaxed! I love that you can go to the ocean at the end of November. Can you please come and decorate my house now that your is done?!

  3. Such cute shots of you and hubby! And what a contrast...snow in last posting to beach in next!

  4. Well, as much as I love the snow, I love seeing the beach pictures.