Sunday, November 23, 2014


It is so nice to be resting in the mountains….
It has been a crazy busy season in our lives and I am thankful for this time of rest.

I finished a book that I re-read.  Let me just say, I very rarely re-read a book.  Only on a rare occasion.  I re-read "Left Behind" book one.  I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and because of that it spurred me on to read it again.  I think I read it the first time twenty years ago.  
It was very interesting and I will continue to re-read the series. 

In addtion to reading, I am taking pictures.  I am sorely behind on my 365.  My girlie girl and I braved the cold and went out for a quick walk.  She brought her blanket and her hair was still wet.  Mistake!  It started to freeze!  We didn't stay out long.  Good thing the sun was shining.  It helped.

On to my thankful list…

Three Gifts from or in Christ:
901. Salvation is a free gift given to me almost 25 years ago.  
902. Forgiveness…needed and given daily.
903. Grace…again I received this and sometimes from the most unexpected places.

Three gifts of love…
904.  My sisters-in blood and in Christ..
905. My husbands love and devotion to his family..
906. My girlie girls love for her Saviour

Three gifts of traditions…
907. Family recipes..
908. Tradtions of Family around the Thanksgiving table.
909. Our cabin traditions.
910. Wonderful memories of time spent up here in the mountains…

Many Blessings,


  1. The girl is know how I feel about the rest. :(

  2. It's officially the holidays - - first bokeh of the season! Love it :)
    Girlie is so beautiful! I love the one of the grass that looks a little like wheat.

  3. Love the tree bokeh and the snow. Your girl is so beautiful... but next time dry hair!

  4. Very nice shots! Such a pretty place! And a pretty girl. I love how you both can glorify and study God's word together too!