Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012

Oh, what a year!  A year of blessings!  In January and in May we welcomed two more grand babies!  Oh, so sweet!  In February, my hubby and I, celebrated 22 years of marriage. In April, my boy turned 17! In July both kiddos went to summer camp.  One, was gone for 2 weeks! Yipes!  In August, we headed for New Orleans for our cruise and my girl turned 13! In September, my boy started his Senior year and my girl her 8th grade year!  In October, my grandson turned 2! In November, a quiet Thanksgiving and in December home for the celebrations and then to the cabin for some skiing.

My year recap would not be complete without adding how much Jesus is apart of all that we do. Jesus is the central focus of our lives.  We could not and would not be who we are today if we did not have Him to guide us and direct us. Over the last year, we all have grown spiritually in our walk with Him.  My personal growth has been the Lord showing me how important it is to show LOVE everywhere we go because Jesus is Love. Also, to not be so judgemental and legalistic.  We all have a tendency to judge and to be legalistic.  The Lord has shown me, through some pain, how important it is to not do these things. We all want to live by rules and check off boxes.  Well, that is not always how God works.  There is not a recipe for success. The only recipe is to look to Jesus and to be like Jesus to everyone you meet.

So, with the New Year approaching, I will choose to judge less, and to show love.  To take my thoughts captive and to share Jesus.  My Jesus is Love, Mercy and Grace.  That is who I want to be like.

Help me Jesus, to be more like you!

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35


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  2. Preachhhh it, girl...Love is the theme of Christianity! GOD made our souls to crave love, and so the only way we can ever get through to people is to fill them will all the love we got...And, with CHRIST in the center of our lives, there's plenty to go around! Praise JESUS! May we love HIM more than last year!

  3. Beautiful re-cap of your 365 Project and year! You have improved so much! Keep shooting.

  4. Gorgeous recap! So many things to be thankful for in '12. Can't wait to see your '13.

  5. What a great collage of your best images! You are rocking that camera!

  6. What a great year indeed!!! Love your collage. Beautiful pictures :)