Tuesday, March 15, 2016

P52 Week 5

We went to a Antique store while in Seattle and I found a huge cabinet of old photos!
It was fantastic and sad at the same time.
Fantastic because instantly I was taken back into time.
Sad because these are pics of families.  Someones family.
I love photos.  
I love my old family photos. I would not want my old photos in an antique store separated from the family.

I wish we could unite them with their owners but alas we can not : (

The one on the left is dated circa 1920's.
I love the clothes.
I bought that one : )



  1. Sometimes there is no family left to give them too. :(

  2. Hopefully the family digitized them before they went to the antique store. Why is it that people always look so stern in old photos?

  3. I was going to say what Tracy said. I've found post cards, hand written notes... fun to look at but sad the history has ended.

  4. So many stories in those photos! My dad just passed away recently and we looked through a lot of the old photos .. so precious.