Wednesday, March 9, 2016

P52 Week 4...

Seattle on a Beautiful, slightly raining day....

I have been out of the loop...

January came and went and then February came and went...
I have had some computer problems so it wasn't easy getting my pics uploaded and onto my blog.
In addition, I have a some medical things going on... Long story... but God is so good and mericiful and ALL knowing.
He showed himself Greatly during this season of my life...

I am going to try to show up here more often.  It does bring me some joy and I miss looking at all your lives through photos.



  1. I've missed you! I saw a post in my feed and then clicked on it and it disappeared. I figured you were having issues.

    Hope all the medical stuff resolves too.

  2. I was surprised to learn that its been 6 months since I even looked at my blog. Goes fast when life happens. Praying for you Kim.

  3. Beautiful picture. Sorry to hear about your medical issues... but God is good. Praying for whatever it is.