Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The lazy days of summer have not happened yet...
We have been sleeping in but we still manage to get ourselves too busy?

These pics are taken with my iPhone because, well, they are...

The top pic is of my new outside chandelier.  I am looking so foo foo... oh, well, I love it!
The next 3 are from the Dodger game the other night.... so fun!
Then of course it was "National Donut Day".  I had to take my girl for a donut run.  They were FRESH!!!
Then someone toilet papered our house.. : / I am sure it was one of my girlies friends because they put a heart on her truck. : )
Baseball playoffs and this cute little coke can : )

Counting my gifts for June:

3 gifts that are ugly but beautiful...
1015. TP'd house...
1016. Funny to wake up to..
1017. Not so fun to clean up...

3 gifts that are from my reading...
1018. Still reading Matthew...
1019. When Jesus talks about the signs of the end...makes me ponder and pray
1020. Finished a fluff book and it felt good : )

3 Gifts at 8, 12, and 2
1021.  Slept in till 8 am..
1022.  Girlie gets her uniform for cheer today..
1023. Getting ready for my growth group to come over...

Many Blessings,

Camp in T-minus 3 days...


  1. Ooooooo! I want a chandelier outside!!! So, who is the culprit that tp'd the house?

  2. I want the chandelier! Lovely! Looks like the game was lots of fun .... sorry about the TP. Thankfully that has *yet* to happen to us... we have LOTS of trees.

  3. That Chandalier is gorgeous! And sounds like summer is starting with a lot of fun!