Monday, June 1, 2015

365-129-131 Counting the Gifts!

Hello June!

I am far behind on my yellow post for May but I thought I would put the pics I have up with a little yellow anyway…

My girlie decided to make a little artwork out of our pineapple.  It was pretty cute.  

Yesterday we went to the beach…. : )
My happy place…
Today, I flew to Seattle for a couple of days while my husband does some business up here...

Also, I am doing the counting of the gifts for June…
Today I am supposed to count 3 gifts of orange..
So, this a little hard but..

1001. A nectarine from the outdoor market…
1002. The orange plane that brought me to Seattle..
1003. Time to think, blog, pray and be thankful…oh and my orange purse.. that was hard…



  1. Orange would be tough! You did a great job! I have never been on an orange plane!

  2. Are you doing the daily gifts from Holy Experience? I should do those again. They really made me think. I love the pineapple!

  3. Made me think of the show Psych! They have a pineapple in every show!