Thursday, August 28, 2014


Remnants of my baby's birthday...

I am thinking of my friend tonight...
and her beautiful babies.

Praying for them.

Love your family while you can.
Life on earth is short.

Eternal life is forever.
Praise Jesus!



  1. Sigh. It really doesn't seem real that she's gone. I try to tell people when they ask, that she has had a profound effect on just about everyone she met. Her kids take after her too. They have enough of Trish's tenacity that they will be ok. Praise God that we all get to see her again! Like Bill said, "Trish wins again!"

    Looks like girlie had a good birthday. We saw her at the service and said hi, but I don't think she remembered us.

    Love the flower shot!

  2. Pretty roses, looks like a great party! My sympathies to your friend and her family and to you. You are SO right, never ever take a day for granted... Life can be WAY too short ~