Sunday, August 10, 2014


I was playing around with some texture on the first one.  It is kind of cool.

Trying to remember to always stay focused on Jesus.

Still counting my gifts.  I will reach 1000 one day.

757. My girlie is coming home tomorrow!
758. Deep cleaned the school room over the weekend.
759. Looking at curriculum for 10th grade!
760. Anticipating the new year...
761. Clean desk.
762. My hubby using his skills to surprise my girlie.
763. So blessed by a hard working husband.
764. God showed me I am never alone.
765. One coffee date with a sweet friend.
766. Two lunch dates with two other friends.
767. Can't wait to here what the Lord has done over the week with my girlie!
768. Great teaching at church.
769. Love
770. Forgiveness



  1. Love the pictures - the texture looks great!

  2. LOVE! Textures are so fun and change images drastically!