Monday, April 28, 2014


I am really having a hard time posting and keeping up with this blog.  I do love blogging but my days are so busy lately.

We held a "Ladies Tea" at my home on Sunday.  My friend ask if she could have the event at my home. It was to raise funds for a mission trip to Haiti.  This is not a trip I am going on but I sure do want to go.  But, I can help out at home this time by doing events like these.  It was very nice.  The ladies did a great job.  Fun afternoon.  Yummy food and fellowship was great.
The first two pictures and the last one are my girlie girls.   Have to give her credit.



  1. Oh my, I collect teapots...but I have limited my collection to Hall teapots. I just won a bid on Amazon for another one today. I hope it isn't delivered when my husband is home. Then I won't be able to sneak it in the house!

  2. Love the first shot! Oh how fun on the tea.

  3. Beautiful teapots and what a blessing to host the event for your friend. The salad looks delicious and making me hungry. Beautiful 1st shot.