Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am finally posting...  
I think it is turning out to be a once a week post.  

My girlie girl had Spring Formal this week.  She looked so beautiful and grown up.  I keep telling my hubby "how can this be?"  It seems like she should still be in diapers.  I know that is how I look at her sometime.  But she is not.  I digress. 

Did I tell you how much my girl love softball?  Well, her team was in the playoffs over the weekend and it happened to be on the same night as formal.  What was she to do?  Formal started at 6:00 and game was at 7:00.  What any girl that loves her sport would do - leave formal, change into softball uniform, go to game and then go back to formal after game!  She was a trooper.  All smiles, even when they lost the game. Then lost last night and are now out of playoffs.   This really stinks for this team because they won the season but lost in the playoffs.  Ugh!  Heart breaker...
Character counts with this girl and she did not want to let her team down.  

Many Blessings,


  1. What a great sport she is! And beautiful too.

  2. See! It's much easier shooting everyday but posting once a week. LOL I am so laughing, because in the picture of the daughter would SOOO be the one in the sparkles too. Loved her hair, beautiful girl.

  3. She looked lovely! What dedication to her team. Sorry they lost!