Monday, April 14, 2014


Wow! What a week we had!  It went so fast.  So sad that it is over.  Although, it is always nice to be home.  And this trip is especially nice to be home because we had NO SHOWERS for an entire week!  Whoever says showers are overrated are completely out of their minds!  LOL!  Showers are stupendous!

Our week in Mexico!
So many things to say... I am in awe at the power of God again.
We had a team of about 70 teens and 15 adults.  We stayed at Caravan ministries outside of Tijuana. We were able to build 24 houses.  Now, just so you know the houses are more like  tool sheds in America.  Also, while we were there we visited orphanages and some teams went to a "bath house" where they washed kids feet, hair and painted the girls nails.  Some of the teens had to pick out the lice out of the kids hair before washing it.  I was able to visit an orphanage which I could have easily taken about 5 of the kids home with me.  But, one that would be illegal and two they don't place their children for adoption at these homes.

The money that was collected by all the team members before we left was used to purchase the building material for the houses.  The nationals had to supply the paint for the houses.  It was always exciting to see the color for their houses.  Colors we would never choose.  But, it was their home.
The faces of the kids and the families that we built the houses for will forever be etched on my heart.  These people were so grateful.  Just in case you are wondering, the gospel was shared with the families as a part of the process of applying for the houses.  Then we come in a build and show what "love" looks like by serving them and asking for nothing.  
They did however feed us.  And let me tell you the food was yummy!  I love Mexican food anyway but this was for sure authentic.

I want to go back.  The Lord willing... He will open more doors for me to do trips like this one and now I have my heart set for Haiti.  Just hoping my hubby says yes!

Go, Send or Disobey... John Piper.



  1. Sounds and looks like an amazing trip! Those kids are beautiful... and I'm with you on the showers.

  2. Life changing! I love the girl in pink's EYES! But they are all beautiful. :)

  3. I'm jealous…Can't wait to go!!

  4. Amazing to build 24 houses! Such captures that make a difference to the heart forever.