Saturday, June 2, 2012


Oh, what a week!  We have been gone for 10 days! We went to our home town so our boy could attend the formal with the home school kids that he has grown up with.  Also, our newest grand baby just happened to be due and we made it home just in time.  What a great week.  It was bitter sweet seeing all of our friends and being with my parents.  Also, being at our home church was awesome but again so sad.

The big story, besides the fact that my sweet grandson was born, is that I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! Yes, it was horrible!  I actually had a mini breakdown and cried for about 45 minutes!  We flew in on Tuesday and I needed the camera for the formal.  I had not taken the camera out of my case since I got to my parents house so when I went to get it ready it was NO WHERE!!! I called the airlines and the airports.  No camera.  At some point, I called my hubby crying.... He thought something terrible happened, like my parents were sick.  I have the best hubby ever! He calmly told me that he will buy me a new one.  Well, I did not want a new one!  I just got this camera in December! I was sick and I felt like I was SO irresponsible!  I pulled my boot straps up and went to the formal with no camera. No boots, it was way too hot! Anyway,  I asked someone else to take the pictures and he did an awesome job.  I had an old point and shoot that I managed to take a few pictures here and there but I was sick inside!

My hubby flew back home early.  He calls me from the house to announce that the CAMERA is HOME and SAFE and SOUND!!!! I forgot to take my camera! I had my kids convinced that I left it or that it was stolen! I even filed a police report! I was so happy and thankful!!! And no it was not a new new camera! It was the new camera that my hubby got me for Christmas! Oh, what a relief! Thank the Lord!

So the above pictures are of my boy and my hubby getting ready for the formal.  My daddy helping my boy with his tie.  Some of the cupcakes and my boy looking so handsome and happy talking with his friend.

And lastly, my latest grandson! Born on Friday May 25th!

Many Blessings,


  1. You are one busy you EVER stay home? LOL!

    I hate that you went through all of that with the camera, what a terrible feeling, but I am so glad it was safe and sound.

    What a cutie!!!

  2. So glad the camera was at home, but oh what a horrible time not knowing. I would have been upset too. The pictures did turn out great. :)

  3. Love you my friend...Praise JESUS about that camera...Did you ever tell the police you made a faulty report...HAHAHAHA!

  4. I would be beside myself if I thought I lost my camera!!! The roller coaster of emotions! Glad you found it safe and sound!

    Congrats on the new grandson - so cute! And you son looked very handsome!

  5. I KNOW your feeling all too well!!! I lost mine at Disney last year. Ugh!! I am so GLAD it was home safe and sound. I think if it hadn't have been there, your wonderful hubby would have had one for you anyways. :)