Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have been a little behind with the end of school activities going on around here.  It seems like life has gone super sonic fast since we got back from the beach.

These are some random pictures from different events over the last week.  On Saturday, we attended the graduation of our home school group here.  I took some pictures of the drums and flowers from that event. It was very nice but I have to say I cried... boo hoo!  It was sad to see all the pictures of the kids when they were babies and now in a blink they  are graduating.  This next week we will be attending the graduation at home and watch out tears, here I come!  Ugh! I am so emotional!

The bunny was found in our trash can. My girlie girl and boy caught it! I was screaming! Anyway, we kept it a couple of days and then realized it needed to go back to the wild.   More tears but this time from my girlie girl.

The cupcakes were yummy snacks I "purchased" for my kids after testing! I did not touch one! Victory!

And lastly, my girlie girl getting an award for AWANA! Yea! She finished her book for the year.  My boy did also but alas I did not take a picture. Ugh! Not sure why?

Btw, my girlie girl took the cupcake picture!



  1. Girl looks grown up! Great cupcake shot and cute bunny!

  2. All such photos. :)

  3. She's so stinking PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That bunny is too cute! How sad it was found in the garbage can. I guess he hopped in and couldn't get back out. Poor bunny. Congrats to the children for their AWANA awards. Way to go!

  5. That bunny was found in the trash can? Awfully cute. I would have had a hard time saying goodbye too. And congrats to the kids on the awards!

  6. That cupcake picture is fabulous! Seriously, I read the whole post thinking, "Don't forget to comment on the cupcake picture!"