Saturday, June 9, 2012


Snake season in California! What???? Yes, you heard it right... snake season!

I lived in the desert for a good 30 years and do you know how many snakes I saw?? None! Zip! Nada!
We move ourselves to this big ol' city and what do we come across??? Snakes, racoons, gophers, bunnies,  lizards, ticks and bugs! I guess the last two are the same thing but you get my point! I AM A CITY GIRL!!!

Went on a run the other day and a snake slithered in front of me!  I screamed loud enough for the entire canyon of snakes and people to hear me.  My friend thought she heard me in the next state!

This morning on the way out of our housing development we see a truck with a sign that read "California Snake Removal."  Oh, that is good to know.  I told my girlie girl to grab a card : )



  1. I would definitely scream too. I am not used to seeing snakes! Courageous of you to stop and take an excellent shot!

  2. Oh gracious! I would have screamed too!!! That is so creepy. I just don't see any reason to like snakes.

  3. I'm not afraid of snakes (I figure I can outrun 'em), but that one would have made me scream. Seriously, snake removal? Can you imagine making that career choice?