Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Another weekend out of town with my husband on his business trip....
Pictures from the weekend.....

Okay, I am going to say it... I have been skirting around the issue for about 2 months now, but I will come on out and say it...

For me, that is SCARY!!!! I am very involved in our church (at times too involved) Only those that really are too involved in their church know what I mean...but none the less, I am involved. I have so many great friends and my kids do too... BUT for some reason God is moving us. For many years, we dreamed about moving but now that it is happening I am SCARED!!! It is way out of my comfort zone.....

And as we all know that God has a sense of humor... He is moving me back to the same area I moved from when I was 13 years old...

I remember kicking and screaming when I left (not literally). I did not have a relationship with the Lord but I did send up some prayers.. like "how could you do this, God" and "to the desert, really?" So, I wonder if He is answering them now... like okay, girlie you can go back 30 years later!!!

No, I know my Jesus... and He has great plans for me and my family no matter where I live...
So, there you have it.

WE ARE MOVING!!! By summer 2011



  1. YOUR scared??? I'M scared as to what is going to happen to my big butt if I don't run with you!!

    I don't like it, I'm not happy about it and come to think of it, I down right hate that your moving...

    But I do love that GOD is in complete control of our lives and If HE'S got your back then we have nothing to worry about...ANNDDD, this New Yorker that love JESUS has got your back, so your covered....Loooovee my friend KIMMMM!!

  2. That is SO exciting! I rather enjoy moving, the new beginning, the unknown, the sense of discovery. That does not mean I find it easy, just exciting. I hope this move reveals new blessings and growth for you and your family.

    BTW, I see my old blog, kravitzing, still listed on your page. I was hoping the feeds would change automatically, but no such luck. The new one is Sorry for the bother of having to change it.

  3. Oh boy... where are you relocating to? These shts are lovely and I would adore living near this!!