Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Itch to Pitch Week 5

This week I had a pretty easy job to do. I tackled the hall linen closet. Really it is just a towel closet because when I was cleaning out my linen/scrap/hall/everything closet on Week 2, I decided to try a new system I picked up on another person's helpful blog. Back to that later....
Okay, here are the before pics:

Honestly, how and why do I live like that? It only took about 20 minutes to do the entire job.

Here is my give away bag. Goodwill is starting to know me by name....

Now, about the cool system for my sheets. I read once, on another blog, about a lady who keeps a set of clean sheets to each bed she has under the mattress of each individual bed. Well, I decided to change it a little and purchase the giant Ziplock bags and put a clean set of sheets in them and put it under the bed. Now, when I change the sheets, I put the fresh clean ones on immediately and I throw the dirty ones in the washer. When they are clean, I put them in the same Ziplock bag and store them under my beds. Easy... I don't have to have a ton of sheets and waste space in my linen closet.

A little tip that may help......



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