Monday, July 6, 2009

Itch to Pitch Week 4

This week for the challenge I headed to the school room to ditch some extra curriculum that I have had laying around for several years. Last week, during week 3, I was unable to get to the things I had planned to ditch because we decided to pitch a tent and take the kids camping. We had a great time but the busyness of the week prevented much of anything else being done.

So here are my before pics:

And here are my after:

I was able to ditch a lot of stuff at a used curriculum sale and give away the other stuff that did not sale.

This has been a very productive summer!




  1. Wow, that is awesome.
    I pitched some curriculum a few weeks back. Glad to hear you were able to sell some and make a few $$.

  2. Two great things at and making money at the same time!! Got to LOVE it!! : )

  3. WOW! Room for the GOOD stuff, eh? :)

  4. Good for you! I FINALLY am really getting rid of some curriculum - I was still holding on to learn to read materials and my youngest is going into third grade and reads fluently. Now you have room for the new things you will need!