Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our Trip To England

I am finally getting around to sharing my pictures from our trip to England in April.
On our first day we journeyed from London to Haworth, England where the Bronte Parsonage is.
We stayed the night in a lovely bed and breakfast and then woke up and walked the moors where novels like "Wuthering Heights" was inspired.  
We also visited the family church, where the father was a pastor and the graveyard.
The countryside was so beautiful.  A light rain sprinkled on us as we walked.

After learning all about the Bronte sister we headed to the small town and had a nice lunch, consisting of soup, tea and yummy bread with real butter.

It was a wonderful day.
It was a trip of a lifetime and I hope to share more of our visits soon : )



  1. So you were in the north! Cool! My brother lives in the far southwest, so we only as far north as London.

    Loved the pictures!

    1. Tracy, we were all over the place.... : )

  2. Oh my gosh... just gorgeous!