Thursday, August 6, 2015

365-189-193 Haiti Has My Heart!

I am forever changed...

This is not my first rodeo... I have been on several short term mission trips before. In fact, this was my 5th trip out of the country for missions...

This trip, however, was very different...
The entire week was spent in the orphanage, loving, caring, holding, teaching, on these sweet orphans..
Part of my heart is in Haiti...

I met around 70 kids that have no family... 
But three kids stick out in my mind and I will NEVER forget them as long as I live.
I hope they know that. I hope they felt the love I have for them in the short time I was with them.
I want them to feel love.
I want them to know they are important. Important to me and most of all important to Jesus.

I will tell you all about the three of them but I will start with Alfonso first.

Alfonso is the boy in the first picture.  He has a white shirt on.
I can barely look at him without wanting to cry.

When I walked in the orphanage he came up to me after I was in the building about 30 secs.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me around, not saying a word.
He pretty much did that the rest of the week.  
Around Wednesday, I asked him how he got there (through the translator), he answered that he was told by his parents to go to the store and then he couldn't find his way home.  What??? I was dying.  I was thinking "wait, there is a mom out there that does not know where her boy is?? I was dying inside at the thought. Thinking of my own two children and the desperation that I would feel to get to my kids.
I talked with the Pastor that runs the orphanage and he said that was not the case.  That in fact, his parents, probably lost him on purpose. 
Yes, you read that right. On purpose.
Then he tells me that Alfonso was a street kid and that he had been on the street for awhile.  They actually don't know how long. He was arrested for stealing and he was put in jail for a day to be scared straight.  After, they (CPS) brought him to the orphanage.  He has been there since October 2014.
Alfonso is starting to adjust but it has been difficult.  You see, he has been on his own and does not know how to follow instructions from adults. 
Are you looking at the picture?  HE IS A BABY!!!!!! He does not know how old he is... he thinks 9.

I wish there was an easy, simple answer.  There is not.
Adoptions can take years and thousands of dollars. 
The system is convoluted.

Please join me in praying for Alfonso.
Pray that he sees the cross in the midst of all this.
And Lord willing, that I will get to go back and love on him some more.

When we left, the kids all cried.  Alfonso was confused and looked a little lost.  He saw my girlie crying and went up to her and wiped her tears. 

I have a desperation for him to know that he is loved.

I have many stories from my 10 days in Haiti.
I will try to post as soon as I can.

I have seen poverty.
I have seen orphans.
This was a new level...



  1. I'm crying with you , my friend...Wow, just wow!

  2. That is my heart's desire - to be a long term missionary to an orphanage. To love on all those lost babies and show them Jesus. I guess, in a way, I am living out my heart's desire right now :-)
    Praying for those beautiful kids.

    1. I could see myself doing the same thing....

  3. I will be praying for you and these children you touched Kim.