Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Behind again...
Not getting my camera out as much these last few weeks.
We flew to our hometown for a
bridal shower.  One of my best friend's son is getting married in April.  He is also my son's best friend.  Isn't that cute! We were there literally 24 hours.  Talking about exhausting...
We also went to see Rascall Flatts that night in concert.
It was super fun!
So here are my "green" pics....


PS... The ladies in the above pictures are some of my very best friend's in the world.  I love them so much and  I miss them terribly.  I am so thankful for social media and for cell phones.  These ladies are my mentors, confidants and most trusted peeps in the world.  We are all different in one way or the other.  We all come from different backgrounds.  What do we have in common?
We all love Jesus and are redeemed by Him!
Isn't our God amazing!
BTW, I have three other very besties that are not pictured.  One in the deep south, one in So Cal and one that was not there : )
That is my circle.



  1. Is that an M & M in the glass? I love your 'bestie of friends' shots. All so beautiful! ( I am way behind too but know God will be calling me to view my world through my camera lens again soon).

  2. You are blessed indeed. I struggle with friendships so much... Love the cat one!

  3. I recognize Denise....and I KNOW your DEEP SOUTH friend! :)

    Great pics.