Sunday, March 1, 2015

365-59 & 60

Good Bye Pink... It has been fun... 
Now onto GREEN!!!

Last weekend we went away for a short trip to Catalina Island off the coast of California.  We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary!  It was super relaxing and fun.  Well, everything was relaxing except the zip line.  I was scared out of my mind!  But, I did it!  I did not let fear take over.  At one point, I was looking for the escape route... but I knew if I chickened out I would be so mad at myself later.  I persevered.  It was fun!

The top picture is my last pink picture and the next one is my first green picture.  



  1. Lovely one to end your Pink on! Fun! Glad you did it.

  2. Love the pink flowers! Good job on the zip line. I want to try it some day.

  3. Good for you for conquering your Fear!! Yes, looks like a lot of fun!