Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homework by the Fire….

My girl studying hard…. 
She is loving school but she does have A LOT of homework.

Her cat is very upset by her having all this time outside of the home.  He literally sits by the window when she leaves in the morning.  He seems to be a bit depressed. He walks around whining and looking at me like "what did you do with her"?

He is happy the most when he sits by her side… 



  1. I never saw an animal be that comfortable next to a fire.

  2. Which proves that each animal has its own personality. I love your blog; found you from my friend, Lynn.

  3. That looks so warm and cozy. We have a beautiful fire place that doesn't work and it makes me sad every day.

  4. Beautiful shots. Love the colours! And cute cat! I miss my cat and just haven't found another to replace him!

  5. That's crazy that your cat likes the fire that much! I'm glad girlie is liking school. My 2 are looking forward to it in September. It's going to be an interesting change for our family.