Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Anniversary to My Man!

A picture of a picture of my hubby and I when we were engaged.  Circa 1989.  

It was a whirlwind romance.  We met in May 1989, engaged in July 1989 and married in February 1990. 
The bottom line is there is no perfect time frame.  At the time, people discouraged us that we were going too fast.. I didn't let it bother me. I saw divorces all over the place.  People engaged 4 years and then married and divorced after 2 years of marriage.  
What makes our marriage work?  Well, first, my husband is the MOST patient man I know.  Enough said about that.. lol 
But most importantly we have always had Jesus as the center of our marriage.  We never talked about divorce because it was never an option.  And let me tell you, it was not always easy.  Marriage is hard work but it is so worth it. 
26 years later and he is still the one...

Happy Anniversary!



  1. Great momento.

    So many people try to run other peoples lives (you're too young, too fast, too _____
    ) ....just pay attention to YOUR OWN life! I agree with the divorce thing. I know people who were engaged for years, and divorced in less. I know know someone who sadly lived together for so long they were common law married, then really married for 3 years, and now getting divorced. There is no RIGHT way with the LORD! :)

    1. Should say, (no know) and "without the LORD!

  2. So sweet! And yes, I have to agree the Lord has His timing in all, not to be 'judged' and rationalized. I am against the odds (statistically) of marrying again since now single 18yrs now, and just about 50! Only He knows, though, the future...!! I love your smiles in that shot. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Such a sweet picture! You got married the year I graduated from high school! ;-)