Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project 52 Week 1 2013

Wow! What a week!  We had an awesome time in the mountains this last week.  It went by fast as always.  Whenever we are up in the mountains it is always so peaceful and unhurried.  I usually have time to reflect on what the Lord is doing and or just sit at His feet.  It was a wonderful time with my family and couple of my kids friends from home.  They both brought friends from our hometown that they each have known their entire life.
We headed back home through my hometown just in time.  My daddy broke his hip and was at the emergency room.  I ended up staying longer and my dad had surgery today.  He came out just perfect.  Now on to rehab. God is so awesome how He put everything together and we "happened" to be driving through the day that he was at the emergency room.
God is so amazing.  Worthy to be Praised!


  1. Praise JESUS my friend...I trust you JESUS!!
    Great shots too...

  2. What beautiful images - I feel that way when I am snowboarding - just alone on the mountain reflecting on the beauty around me. So sorry about your father, glad he's doing as well as can be!

  3. Great shots of the Mnts. So glad your Dad is alright.

  4. To be praised for sure! Happy to hear it worked out.

  5. Oh so beautiful!! Thankful to read that your Daddy's surgery went well!


  6. Beautiful images. Glad to know your Dad is doing well and is on his way to rehab!