Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lately, I feel like we are on one continuous field trip!

These pictures are from our weekend in Seattle.  What a whirlwind trip but we had fun!  We got to spend some time with our oldest daughter and our grand kids.  Here are some pictures of Seattle.  The first is of the Space Needle.  The second is of my girlie girl with her niece (my grand baby) and the last is of my grandson and my girlie girl in front of the GUM WALL! YUCK!!! Literally, thousands of pieces of gum stuck to a wall.  It is funny but gross.  I have one of my girl sticking her piece on the wall.  This picture is funny because my grandson was warned not to touch it!  Umm... he was trying to freak me out by pretending he was going to touch it.  It worked but Praise Jesus he did not touch it!

 It is funny that my girlie girl has nieces and nephews that are a few years younger than her but that is just how it worked out : )

Many Blessings,


  1. SO cute!!! I love the one of your girly-girl and your grand baby...And I love your grand baby's outfit, wish I could wear it...LOL...I love the last one too, of course your grandson wanted to touch it...HAHAHAH!!!

  2. What fun! Ick on the gum...but I would have added mine too. LOL!

  3. Oh, I like the photos, but I agree, ick on the gum. Not sure I could have added mine. :)

  4. Love the shots and I think it would be sweet to see the gum wall.

    Also, my son wants your daughter's hat...

  5. Great shots! I can't believe that is all gum! Ew!! I still think it would be fun to see it though.


  6. Love the Space Needle! Makes me miss Seattle (home) so much!

  7. A gum wall?!?!? How neat is that. I wouldn't have wanted my kids touching it either, but I sure would have added a piece to it. Neat-o!