Friday, October 28, 2011

365-301-303 Happy Weekend!

We are off on a road trip to our home town.  Going home to celebrate my sweet grandson's first birthday!  Wow! Time went by so fast!  We are also visiting with my parents, my sweet friends, and our home church.  Our church always holds a Harvest Festival as an alternative to Halloween.  It is used as an outreach.  My kids are excited to see their friends and they have some cute costumes to wear. This will be the first year that they are not working the booths, participating in the skits and playing in the band.  That will be bitter sweet.  
I have good and bad days with this move.  It has been so hard to be pulled away from my life at home.  I tell my husband that now, I can move anywhere.  I have no strings attached here! : ) Of course, that is now!
Have a blessed weekend and in everything keep Jesus first!



  1. Oh my word!! That is a lot of pumpkins!! Love that last shot. Super cute!

  2. Those are big pumpkins! That second shot is so cute!

  3. Beautiful shots!! Kim, I can't imagine moving away from where we live now. I can imagine how hard it must be. I will remember you in my prayers.