Monday, June 27, 2011

365-170-176 A Day At the Beach

I am trying to catch up with my 365.  We had a work weekend and took a small load to my new home.  My friend Denise and her kids came along and we worked hard and got a lot done.  Finally, on Sunday, we decided to take a break and visit the beach.  It was nice to just sit.  We did not have much time because we had to drive home but none the less we had fun.

It is pretty where I am moving... but oh, boy it is hard to leave my home.



  1. Oh what a glorious time it was...I'll move, unpack, and put your stuff away any day my friend...I looovee you and your family sooo much..
    I can't tell you enough what a blessing it was to be with you and your fab fam this weekend...

    Favors are awesome!! Private Joke! Ha!

  2. These are all beautiful. The first picture is just amazing!

  3. Love all the shots... moving can be hard sometimes, but I do love the new adventure!

  4. The babies feet in the water is a lovely shot. Along with all the rest. I wish I was at the ocean. It looks like a beautiful place you are moving to.

  5. What is it about the beach that makes it so wonderful? Love the photo of the baby feet!


  6. AWE! great shots! I know it's hard, but The Lord with Bless!

    I am SOOO confused, I though Denise lived in NY? I guess she lives in NV.