Monday, June 20, 2011

1000 Gifts....

161.  Father's day celebrations with my daddy, hubby and my son.  So nice to get together...

161. My teenage boy growing so fast and now working as a Life Guard.  Knowing who his Life Guard is makes it easier to send him out.

162. I did get a tear in my eye when I dropped him off at the pool.  Seeing the man he is becoming makes me long for the days when I held him in my arms but rejoice at who and what he has become and who he will be.

163. Boxes everyone... one by one packing my life away....

164. Running with my friend... I know the time is short and all too soon I will be running alone again. Oh, I will miss you Denise!

165. Finding old bible study notes and loving the depth of my walk with Jesus.  Knowing that there is always room for more growth.  Jesus, I want more of You!

166. Finishing a book with my kids....Last of the Chronicles of Narnia (The Last Battle).  So good!

167. Short weekend with my hubby and can't wait to be in the same state.  Missing him like crazy!

168. New running shoes...

169. Loving on my grandson...

170. Making plans for my other grandson to come and visit.  Can't wait to kiss his face!!!



  1. Beautiful photo! Makes me miss home..

  2. Love the trees! Moving is a big change but sounds like you are seeing God's good work throughout it all.