Friday, May 7, 2010

365-129 Home Again...

Well, we have had a wonderful week of fun in the sun and now we are heading home. What a blessed time we had with our friends and our family. The Lord is good. He is good all the time no matter if we are at the beach or not. Some of our highlights were the endless play in the waves, finding the seal on the beach, running on the beach (my fave), ice cream on the pier (which is why I HAVE to run on the beach), the zoo, campfires and lastly, two kids got stung by jelly fish today! Yikes! No, we did not pee on them! We poured alcohol on the wound and covered with hot compresses. I was calm, which is a minor miracle. One of the girlies that got stung would have gone nuts if I panicked. So, I composed myself. We also made our hand and foot prints with plaster of paris in the sand. I got the idea from "Balancing Beauty to Bedlam." It was great fun and now we have a cute memory to take home.


  1. That sand castle is cool!

  2. Great Vacay! I enjoyed it! :)

    Love the Plaster of Paris idea. Though we could make one every day! Hee hee! I know that was JUST MEAN!

    Glad you are home safe!

  3. What neat shots! You should take pics of the molds for us to see.

  4. I love spending time at the beach : )

  5. What a great vacation! :D Great shots!