Monday, May 3, 2010

365-124 and more!

Okay, there is more than one picture for this post.... Lots of fun times and funny things going on this week. The first one is of the tide coming in. In the next, we were on a run in the morning when we came across a seal "beached." People were hovering around him and pouring water on top of him. We stopped, looked and kept running. On the return, they were still there. So, I thought, being a homeschooling mom, I need to get the kids and let them see this. So, I finished the run, picked up the kids and drove back.... yes, I said drove back....and the seal and all these people were still there. Took a dozen pictures or so and listened to the smart people. :) They were calling Sea World, the Zoo and the fire department. Honestly, they were probably there for 3 hours trying to figure out what to do about this poor seal. Then, down the beach, a life guard truck, zooms..and stops, gets out and with his bull horn says "back away from the wild animal." Then he proceeds to tell us that it is a federal offense to be that close to a seal. What? They have a law about how close you can be to a seal? Give me a break....(don't get me started about that). So, because we were all "law abiding citizens," we backed away. And guess what?? Thirty seconds after we backed away, the seal heads back to the ocean... DUH!!! Did we all feel stupid! All everyone had to do was leave it alone... God gave that animal instinct to do what he is supposed to do. Some of the people in the group would not think it was God, sadly... but I knew...and so do my kiddos...
In the next picture, a family friend that is with us found a star fish. I am sure "they" may have a law against picking up a star fish, but the fish won't tell... shhh! Cool, huh?
And lastly, the evening approaches and we have a beautiful sunset... oh, what a day!


  1. Ha - too funny about the seal. He was probably thinking when you people stop looking at me, I'm going home. Don't even get me started on the law, that's just plain ridiculous!

    Love the shore shot too : )

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! How amazing the seal story is. Wow!! And that is so fine looking!

  3. WOw! Great pics! Glad to hear the seal went back!! :D

  4. LOL! Well, lovely Mom for taking the oppurtunity! Cool Starfish...but sadly we will have to visit you in JAIL! :)

  5. Glad no one got arrested! :) I've seen beached seals before too. My grandparents lived on the Oregon coast when I was growing up so I actually knew that law about not being close to beached sea life.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and that amazing story.