Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sweet Girl

My girlie girl is not afraid to get messy. In science we had to dissect an owl pellet. No, it is not poop. It is owl throw up! Yes, I know that is disgusting, but it can be very educational, right? Well, she had no problem with it. At first, it was all about the gloves and after a few minutes the gloves came off and she dug in. Not afraid to touch any of it. Not like her mom that was a little nauseated. We had a great school day.... lots of learning and a lot of laughing at mommy.


  1. THE MOMENT the pictures opened, I KNEW what it was! You MIGHT be a Homeschool if....


  2. Oh yes, I remember owl pellets! Good thing she wasn't easily grossed out. :)

    Thank you for your prayers. I am waiting for my family member's test results to see what the next step will be. I have a couple of prayer warrior friends that are praying with me too, and that is comforting.

    Blessings this week!

  3. Ewwww! Glad we do science at a tutorial---they can do the gross stuff there!

    What a good sport!

  4. Oh, yeah, lots of fun! I love that kids are more curious than squeamish....looks like it was a great project.

  5. Wow, what a brave girl you have there! Gotta love curiosity and a willingness to get a little bit dirty in the name of learning!

  6. Wow sounds interesting! We've not made it to owl pellets yet here. Where does one get owl pellets? :)
    Have a great rest of your weekend!