Thursday, March 18, 2010


These pics are from the week... In the first, these are of the worm that HAD to be dissected for science. I did have to bow out of this and let Dad take over. I just don't have the stomach! I did manage to slide in the room to snap a couple of pics. The next, we are giving my boy a "purity ring" at the end of a purity conference at church. I got a little teary eyed at how quick he has grown up. I can remember so vividly bringing my sweet boy home from the hospital. It seems like yesterday. The last, is a picture of spring. Yes, it is spring in our area.....


  1. Ick, Awesome and YEAH! Finally no yucky white pictures! :)

  2. I am holding my baby boy in my arms and thinking that before I know it, he will be as old as your son!

  3. Hurray for spring. Here where I live we are already done with the wonderful pink blooms almost. Everything just happened way to early and way to fast this spring. Sort of how it seems to be with our children growing up. So fun it must be getting to dissect a worm, I have never done that, but then again we never had worms where I grew up unless you count earthworms ;)