Monday, October 12, 2009


I am sitting in the back of the church watching my boy practice with the youth groups worship team. Amazing to see the growth of these young musicians after God's own heart. Growth in their walk and growth as musicians. The band is made up of 5 young men ages 13-17. They perform on Wednesday night service and will be performing at our church's Harvest Festival on October 31st.

I love to watch my babies grow. My prayer is that they stay with and grow with Jesus. There are so many pulls and things in the world to take them away from Jesus.

Pray! Pray for their souls, their walk and that their relationship would be real and their own.

Just a reminder to myself and other mommies out there to have skinned knees fo your babies.




  1. Yes, skinned knees! Two of my babies have grown and I have to say that being on a worship team was one of the best things for their spiritual growth. I think they realized quickly that they needed to step out in their OWN faith. My teenager isn't musical, but I pray for other ways for him to be involved.

  2. Good stuff! I am married to a Worship Pastor, so in my heart of hearts, I pray that at least one of my children will follow in his footsteps musically! They already sing worship songs around the house that they know from church and on the radio. I just pray that they grow up to enjoy church as much as they love it now.

    Blessings! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)