Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day In My Life

I am happy to say that my arm is on the mends and I got the official word last week that I could start running again! That is a happy day in my house. Much to my surprise and dismay my first run was horrible! I thought I was going to die! Oh, too many cookies at Christmas time and not enough moving..... I hope to perservere and continue.



  1. I can't believe you are running already again! OUCH! Nice life btw!

  2. Oh, how I wish I could enjoy running! I have started trying to train for a 5K but it is not out of love. I really hate every step and now the weather has gotten just awful and is making my motivation wane.

    Good luck, hope it gets better!

  3. Good luck with project 365, it sounds like a lot of work but it would be really interesting to look back at the photos taken. I might get to try it at some point.

    Also good luck with running again, I'm going to start again when it gets warmer!

  4. I can't run. I know you're not supposed to say you can't do stuff, but truly. I can't. But I admire anyone who can and does!

    Now, I CAN walk.....and I will just as soon as it gets a little warmer. I'm a baby!!!!

  5. Oh tell me about it. I haven't ran since I was pregnant with my older one who is turning 3 next week...and maybe even before that. Does running after the kids count? =p When the weather warms up I will definitely get on it because I'm the Matron of Honor for my sister's wedding. Haha...I just read Rachel Anne's comment about walking when it gets warmer. Sadly, it's 50 degrees over here which is pretty warm compared to the rest of the country. It's cold to me because I'm just always cold. Anyhow, good for you!

  6. Good luck. Glad to hear you are on the mend.